Monday, January 9, 2017

Beat The Tampon Tax! Grab Samples and Coupons From Your Mailbox!

I know you ladies are all familiar with what I'm about to describe.

The Tampon Tax.

That's right, in the US, sanitary items are taxed as a luxury item. Of course, just about everybody I know considers their period a luxury, so it clearly makes sense.


Well, lucky for us, our friendly neighborhood sanitary item companies love sending out free samples. And the U by Kotex sample is back online - so grab it while you can!

Can you totally outfit your monthly luxury for free? No, not really. Over all the samples, if you grab them all, you might have enough to make it through one or two visits. But anything makes a difference - and they ALWAYS come with coupons!

So grab that sample pack and add it to your stash! Or put it in your purse or glove box. You never know, it's good to be prepared.

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