Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bedfordnomics is BACK and Better than Ever!

My loves!

I have neglected you for far too long!

Life got in the way and the blog fell off to the side. I have been working like crazy and somehow let chasing the dollar get the better of me. I was working for my money, rather than making my money work for me, and that is not a good example for my children to follow. I am still currently working outside my home, but we're having a bit of an upheaval at the moment, so it has become apparent that Bedfordnomics is where I need to be!

Please join me in celebrating my return to the blogosphere! Find me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter!  We have great things to come - while I've been gone I have been cultivating valuable new friendships with some WONDERFUL WAHMs who are doing incredible things - and remember, when we are valuing our dollar we also need to put value on where we put it, because your dollar is your vote!

Here we go again, loves!

Keep yer stick on the ice,

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