Monday, January 16, 2017

FreeRice: Where Homeschool Meets Humanitarianism

Homeschool mamas, you all know there is practically no end to the free resources if you take the time to look. I recently found out about a website that is free to sign up for, that drills your kiddos on virtually any subject - math, languages, geography, art, science, history, and even SAT prep
- while allowing them to use their smarts to impact the greater good. FreeRice is appropriate for the enrichment of any person with basic computer skills, from a preschooler on up to a multi-degreed adult. You can play too! It will automatically figure out your ability based on your answers, and then let you improve from there.

For every answer your child gets correct, 10 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Programme. Just for answering! The rice itself, when possible, is purchased from local markets in the area it will be donated, in order to boost the economy as well - having even a second impact. The program is paid for by sponsors, which you can see toward the bottom of the page.

Ten grains of rice isn't that much, considering how much rice it takes to sustain a person. However, if my kids both answer questions on FreeRice, and so do yours, and you tell your friends, and they tell their friends, we can really make sure people get the food they need. You can even create an account, which allows you to track how much rice you've donated and see your impact!

You do NOT have to be a homeschooler to participate. This program is for EVERYONE! We all can use some extra practice, all the time! So you participate too! It's for the greater good!

What do you say? Can you commit to a few minutes of vocab or math drills per day, to help further enrich your homeschoolers' education, and feed some hungry people? Go sign up today and let's get started changing the world!

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