Saturday, January 14, 2017

Full Size Free Samples from BzzAgent!

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BzzAgent is currently my favorite way to try out free items. This also helps pad our grocery budget, although when you sign up for a BzzKit it takes a while to come.

This is a word of mouth marketing campaign. They think the best way to advertise is to get people (regular people like you and me) to try out their products, write blogs about them, tweet and share on Facebook, and tell our friends what we think!

Not hard at all right? 

Most recently, I had a BzzKit for Herbal Essences bio:renew. They mailed me a full sized bottle each of the argan oil variety of shampoo and conditioner. I tried it, loved it, and spread the word around. I also informed people that one of the coupons in last week's paper was for this specific product. Folks got excited and added the items to their list. Because the company gave me shampoo and conditioner, they made several sales. 
I've tried so many things through BzzAgent. I've tried a lot of Kroger brand items - from baby wipes and diapers to chocolate chip cookies to salad dressings to gourmet frozen food. I've tried new Glade products when they came out. I had a big package of cleaning products one time. Several kinds of yogurt. A fancy beer tap machine. An Elmo toy when my boys were little enough to enjoy it. Razors, allergy medicine, groceries, you name it, I tried it. Recently I even was able to try Gatorade Organic - It was pretty good! 

You should go onto the BzzAgent site and sign up, fill out the surveys, and see what they might send you. In exchange for your reviews, they pay you in MyPoints, which you also need to sign up for - collect enough MyPoints and you get free gift cards to all kinds of places. I usually get the Panera Bread ones and take my boys out to eat there a few times a year for something special.

BzzAgent is a free program. I encourage you to sign up and see what products you'll get to try for free!

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