Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Great Homeschool Deal: Little Passports - Free Resources Included!

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Geography can be such a dry subject. Nation. Language. Capitol. Maps. Directions. Landforms. Nobody has much fun learning geography.

Until now.

Little Passports has created a really cool geography curriculum for grades 1-4. It's a subscription box, so it's like having a world-traveling pen pal! In your first month, you receive a pack to start you off with a suitcase, stickers, a passport, and letters from Sam and Sofia, the traveler kids that you'll be following around the world. Each month after, your child receives a box in the mail. The box contains all kinds of neat stuff centered around a neat destination. Souvenirs (honestly, every kid's favorite part of a trip is the souvenir, right?), information, photos, and your boarding pass which provides access to the Boarding Zone - an online place that has even more activities, games, and information!

In the classroom section, there is also a printable curriculum guide for six of the countries. It has great information, even includes links to music and videos. There are 35 countries featured in boxes, so they don't do this for ALL of them, but if you're a homeschooler, I know your research game is strong!

Now, my kids are the perfect age for the World Edition kits, but if your kids are a little younger, there is an Early Explorers for 3-5 year olds subscription that introduces the basics of geography and includes games and activities as well - it's perfect for preschoolers. If your kiddos are bigger than mine, they have a cool USA Edition that explores each US state and includes stickers, pop outs, and a great activity book. That kit is good for ages 9+. For that age group they also have a Science Expeditions kit, which seems really cool and I can't wait until my kids are old enough to check it out!
The price point is excellent, too - most subscriptions start at $11.95.

Make sure you go Visit the Little Passports Blog, while you're there - they share really cool craft and activity ideas (Umm hello! Edible Geodes! How creative is that!), and my very favorite page is the World Holidays page! So many interesting things to celebrate! There's even a free printable coloring book, grab some World Edition Coloring Sheets!

There is, on their website, a coupon available for $15 off of any 12 month subscription, which is good through January 31, 2017. Use the code WINTER15 to hook you up with that. You'll see the purple banner across the top of each page, so you won't forget as you're exploring the site. Click around - you can see inside examples of the kits - the activity books are the BOMB! (Do we still say the bomb? I'll have to ask my kids.)

And again, don't miss the blog. Such a tremendous free resource, EVERYONE can find something to take home from this site, whether you subscribe or not!

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