Monday, January 9, 2017

Never Pay for Another Magazine Subscription

Everybody loves a magazine. If you're thumbing through it in the car line, doctor's office, or just on your five minutes to yourself in the bathroom before the kids realize you're gone, you know you like to have something on hand to cut the boredom, distract you, or take advantage of reading something written by an adult.

Problem is, magazines, they can cost anywhere from a $2-3 to $15 for some special issues! Uncool. $15 could be three days worth of suppers, and that's what you want to charge me to see pictures of J.Lo's kids? I don't think so!

Well, I haven't paid for a magazine in several years, and I subscribe to quite a few. I get Food Network Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Southern Living, Parents, Time, and People, and I don't pay for any of those.

How? ONE SIMPLE RESOURCE! So this is going to be so easy it might actually make you mad.

Go to RecycleBank and make an account. Then click "Earn Points" and do as many of the learning modules as you can. You'll learn things about living green, recycling, repurposing, how things are made, how energy is conserved etc - my homeschoolers, these are perfect for a middle schooler, or an elementary schooler if you help with some of the reading!

Each module is worth points, your points add up over time, and then you go to the "Get Rewards" tab. Hover your mouse over "Collections" and click magazines - there are other things, and please check them all out, but the best value to me is the magazines. You have 59 choices - some of those are two-magazine bundles!

The cost is right around 200-400 points, which you can easily do in a sitting.

Another way to earn points - if available in your area - is to report your curbside recycling! Yes, they want you to learn the stuff, and then apply it. I know this is available in LA, but it's not in my area, so I haven't been able to try it.

Free stuff for educating yourself about your eco-footprint? Yes please!

So go make your account and get started now, there are so many opportunities for points on there, you'll have a fresh new magazine in your mailbox in no time!

Make it greener: When you're done with your magazines, instead of throwing them out, donate them to a local senior center, care home, or homeless shelter!

Keep it real,

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