Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This Is The Post Where I Give You $5

Join Swagbucks!

Do you know about Swagbucks? If not, pay attention. This is the post where I give you each $5.

Swagbucks is a website that offers pay-per-clicks and surveys, as well as videos, rewards for searching, and cash back from shopping, in exchange for gift cards. Yeah, you say, but you can't earn much with it.

Actually, you can. You're not going to quit your job and become a professional Swagbucker, but you can earn significant rewards. I rarely spend any actual money on birthdays or holidays, and as a reminder, I have four kids to shop for. A $5 gift card through Swagbucks is 500 points, and I average 1-2 of those per week. Minimum $25 a month.Which I then use to grab deeply discounted things on Amazon, to wrap and give to my offspring as gifts.

You just get on every day, answer the poll, watch some videos -there's an app called SBTV that you can play on your phone, and it allows you to collect points all day long. Many of the offers cost a little money - I don't usually do those, but if you REALLY have been wanting to try out Blue Apron or something, why not get a little kickback for it??

So, if you're interested, click the picture at the top of this post and sign up! You'll get 300 points right away, then whenever you're planning on placing an online order, go to Shop and Earn and place your order there. You'll get a certain number of points per dollar, PLUS if your order is over $25, you'll get another 200 points - Your first $5 gift card, just like that.

Disclaimer - That link above is an affiliate link. I do use those within my posts when I have the opportunity. It allows me to keep this blog rolling. Remember, the more successful Bedfordnomics is, the more time I can free up from other parts of my life to work on it -and the more free stuff, product spotlights, and giveaways I can bring back to you! 

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