Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Free Amazon Gift Cards - Takes Very Little Time

I have been using Swagbucks for years, since my kids were babies, maybe even before, I honestly can't remember. If you don't know, listen up: I have used this, with little effort, to provide my kids with Christmas, to buy our homeschooling materials, to pay for groceries and household items here and there. I know several people who have used it to pay for actual Disney vacations - not even kidding.

For your reference: 500SB = $5. It isn't a way to get rich quick, but if you have a few minutes, you can use it to pad your budget or make some fun money. It's also a way to get cash back from shopping, and a great source for discounts.

I put maybe 30 minutes of effort into this in the morning. This is how I do it. When you log in, there is a goal to meet at the top and a to-do list to the left. If you hit the goal, you get a bonus the following month. If you hit the goal every day for 7, 14, 21 days, or the entire month, you get an even bigger bonus. I've done that a couple times. I work my way down it.

First is the Daily Poll. You answer a question, that's 1 SB. Daily Watch is easy. Click on it and let it run while you brush your teeth and do your hair or make breakfast. The first one is worth 4 SB. Swagbutton Activity will be greyed out every day if you install the swag button on your chrome browser, which makes it easier to enter codes anyway. Daily Search - just click on that and see if you get a search win. Search wins are an exciting thing. If you use swagbucks as your search engine (for simple things, be not deceived, this is not Google) you stand a chance of getting a win. I've won 100SB on searches before, they seem to happen about 1 in 10 searches, but don't spam the search or you won't get anything.

Next you click on Daily Discover. There are tons of offers you can do that might get you a really great deal, some of which you put in money on some deeply discounted item and you get back SB. There's a deal with Schwans right now, where if you shop through Swagbucks, put at least $35 in your cart, use a coupon for 50% off (google it!) and you'll pay whatever half your cart is, and they will bring you your food, and then you get 3500 SB back. That's $35. So you pay, say $17.50 (minimum) and they'll give you food and $35. Not too shabby.

But you can't do that every day. So what I do is, when I click Discover, I go down to Radium One. There are two videos related to seizures. I click it, let the video run (about 30 seconds I think) and then it credits me.

The last part is surveys. Surveys are what takes the time. There are 5-10 minute ones, there are hourlong ones. They pay all kinds of different amounts. Sometimes, those surveys will get you free things to use in your home and try out in exchange for your honest impressions. We had a Keurig for 6 months to try out thanks to an in home use trial from Swagbucks.

Once you finish a survey, you probably met your goal (starts out very low but will get bigger) and maybe your second goal (second goal = extra bonus. And once you finish your to-do list you get an extra bonus!

There are other things you can do to get the money to go up. There's the SBTV app, which will play and every 5 videos it drops 2 SB into my account. SwagIQ is a really fun trivia game that some people win big with - I usually only win 3-4 SB but it's a fun game. I let the Watch player just run on the computer while we school during the day, and it just drops SB into my account. I come up with about $25 every 10 days. For me, it's extra money to do special things. So I always cash out with a $25 Amazon gift card, and your first one is even discounted to 2200 SB so you get there faster.  The gift cards say they can take up to a week, but I usually get mine in 3-4 days.

So with about 30 minutes of actual paying attention to it, I come up with a little extra money - you should totally check it out, even if it's just to pad your Christmas budget, or you know what? Get a little extra spending money to get something for YOU! Why not? We all get so used to spending only on the kids, the husband, the pets, the house. Treat yourself, and this removes every trace of guilt. Because it's basically free money.

Try Swagbucks!

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