Monday, March 25, 2019

Grove Collaborative: Brand Name Green Products at Dollar Store Prices!!!!

I'm sure by now you've all heard about Grove! This company is an online source for eco-friendly goods. They carry some of my favorite brands, too. I was skeptical, but when my neighbor signed up, and was out of town, she had me pick up her package, and then when she came to pick it up she opened it in my house and showed me everything she got for a steal.

So I was going to do it, and then I didn't, and then I forgot. Because, kids.

And then! Swagbucks, which is my main jam, came up with a deal where if you spent $20 at Grove, they would give you 500 swagbucks (or, $5) back after 32 days. So now I'm on the website. And as soon as you open the page, they welcome you and tell you they want to give you something free with your first order. For me, it was the adorable metal bucket in the middle, with a dish soap, multi purpose cleaner, room freshener, and walnut scrubber sponge things. Great! So then I'm adding and removing and adding and removing and a little box pops up ad says "If you share this with a friend through Facebook messenger, we'll give you a glass spray bottle and some concentrated cleaner to mix up in it along with your order!" Well you bet I did that.

So of the picture above, most of it was free. I paid $20.55 for four hand soaps and one hand lotion, which comes out to about $4ish apiece - until you include all the rest of the stuff I got for free with it, and it comes out to a little over a dollar apiece. Plus, in 32 days, I have $5 coming back to me via Swagbucks. They've got other things, everything from cleaners to candles to baby wipes to tampons to paper towels to bath stuff. I just really like Mrs you can see.

After I ordered, I got an email telling me if I clicked on it, they would add some microfiber cloths to my next order, and then if I shared on Facebook they would give me a free glass hand soap dispenser (which will go in my bathroom, not my children's, they will destroy it in minutes) but it's got wildflowers on it, y'all. Beautiful and fresh and I love it.

Now, this is a subscription. They will send you more and they will charge you for it unless you tell them to stop. So be aware, read the terms and conditions.

Best way to find this: Join swagbucks, then in their search bar just type Grove. It will come right up.

Enjoy your clean, fresh home, and the products you'll feel good about using!

This post includes referral links. It doesn't pass me much, just a few cents here and there for my effort to share this information with you, but if it makes you uncomfortable feel free to Google the name of the company or product. My thoughts are free of charge!

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