PR Welcome!

If you represent a business and have a product or service that you think would be a good fit for Bedfordnomics, we are more than happy to consider your suggestions for reviews and giveaways.

We are happy to pitch:

Big kid stuff:
Craft supplies
Clothing - contact me for sizes
Room decor
Homeschooling items
Sports items

Any snacks, beverages, meals, marinades, spices - we're not picky and will try anything!

Household Items:
Cleaning products
Pest control
Organizational products
Appliances - any size
Home decor - seasonal or otherwise

Parents Items:
Clothing - contact me for sizes
Accessories - handbags,
Techy gadgets - GPS, phones, anything that beeps haha
Skin and hair products for men or women
Restaurants - once again, we have adventurous palates!
Computers - a bit of a stretch, but you never know!

I will NOT pitch:
"Adult" products
Long books (wish I could, just don't have the time)
Apps, ebooks, etc (I don't have anything that supports them)

It's quite possible that I will pitch something that isn't mentioned on this page. Please, if you want me to pitch your products, ask! The worst I'll do is say no! :) Email me!